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Nov 11 2015

How Often Should a Business Post to Social Media?

Today I get to talk about a topic that I really feel passionate about! The topic is frequency! ...

Nov 5 2015

Internet Star Quits Social Media: “[social media] is not real!”

Yesterday the internet was a frenzy of reactions as social media star, Essena O'Neill, produced a series of ...

Oct 31 2015

Happy Halloween – video

Just last night I had a conversation with a small business owner about her fear of social media... ...

Oct 27 2015

Get Customized Graphics for Your Business

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are coming, and the pressure to have cute ...

Sep 23 2015

Social Media… Novelty? Or Necessity?

You've probably heard the argument "there is no return on investment on social media". An interesting argument, but ...

Jun 13 2015

Customers Don’t Like Stock Photos.

For decades businesses have been using stock photos of people sharing smiles, shaking hands, or laughing around a ...

May 16 2015

Why Should you Market Online?

  Let's face it, the return on investment from traditional marketing is quickly waning. As evidenced by the ...
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