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Feb 18 2016

Leading a Social Media Community

"Start a social media community" they said. "It will be fun" they said. The craziest part about this ...

Feb 5 2016

5 Easy Steps to Building a Hashtag Strategy

Let's talk about the strategy BEHIND the hashtag, how to use them, and I'm going to give you ...

Jan 16 2016

How to Convert Brick-and-Mortar Businesses to Virtual Powerhouses

Real estate auctioneers are known for wearing huge cowboy hats, pitching a tent on Saturday mornings, putting out ...

Jan 6 2016

Should You Hire a Freelancer or an Employee?

Every business hits a point of growth where it must decide which type of marketing department to build. ...

Dec 20 2015

Let’s Go Back to the Basics.

Social media is like the Wild West; it’s lawlessness! Only, instead of cowboys and cactuses, it’s full of ...

Dec 3 2015

Your Target Market: Define it & REACH it!

When beginning on social media, it may feel like there is an overwhelmingly large audience. There are nearly ...

Nov 22 2015

Surviving a Social Media Crisis.

It all begins with one bad review. No, not bad. Catastrophic. Your phone goes off, and you see ...

Nov 14 2015

How I Set Up My Entire Website for Less Than $500

Yes, you read that right. I set up my ENTIRE website for about $500. I bled, sweat, and ...
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