Community Guidelines

SMU Communities are the place for social media managers and online business owners looking to build a business on their own terms. The SMU communities’ purpose is to educate and inform its members on social media and growth strategies to build a successful business. The communities are open and inclusive for all members to learn and empower each other in their entrepreneurial journey.

Moderation Goals

The following guidelines are designed to create a safe space for every member in the SMU communities. We have a team of community managers that work to make sure that every post and comment is relevant to the group topic. The community management team will take any steps necessary to continue to keep the SMU communities a safe space.

Post/Comment Moderation Policy

We may ask for you to edit or remove posts or comments that may be offensive, promotional or harmful in any way.

If your post or comment needs to be removed, you may not be notified that it has been removed. If the SMU team feels they need to address a specific issue with you, a community manager will notify you privately.

Members may not make comments or posts that are threatening, offensive, indecent, etc. or promotional.

Community Standards

  1. The purpose of the SMU communities are to educate social media managers and business owners on the latest social media strategies. We take a strong stance against self promotion of any kind. Specific designated threads for promotion may be posted only by a group admin or the owner. If you receive an unsolicited private message from any member in the group, please let us know at so we can look into the issue.
  2. The SMU communities’ main focus is to be an informational resource for social media strategists. These groups are not intended to be a place to build your (or a client’s) social media following. The admins or the owner may set aside threads for promotional purposes but any promos are limited to comments in those threads. If you are an SMU member, there is a Slack channel specifically for building client engagement.
  3. SMU communities are primarily for education not customer support. If you have a customer support issue, please email us at and someone will respond to your email within 24 hours.
  4. In the paid SMU communities you will have the opportunity to ask for feedback on websites, social media profiles, or other work. Any posts that seem to more self promotional in nature will be removed.
  5. These communities are moderated but if you find anything of concern, please report the post to one of the admins, reach out to a community manager or email us at
  6. To get the most out of the community, we ask that you be nice and respectful of all members. It’s okay to have a disagreement in strategy or approach but be kind and remember we are all learning along the way.

On Job Listings

The SMU communities primary responsibility is education. Occasionally, we have business owners who are looking to connect with a social media manager and we are happy to provide the following:

Rachel offers social media matchmaking for business owners looking for help. These opportunities can be paid or in the 1 month internship program. If you are looking for help, we encourage you to use the Social Matchmaking form here:

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