Don’t Spend Another Dollar on Facebook Ads Until You Read This

For the last few years Facebook ads were one of the most easiest ways to generate revenue from products and services.

Choose an attractive image + write compelling copy + target your ideal audience = instant (and often sizeable!) ROI.

However something notably changed earlier this year, and it has left many entrepreneurs feeling like Facebook ads are broken.

You may have experienced this yourself, as your cost for Facebook clicks, reach, and conversions has skyrocketed, leaving your Facebook ad campaigns too expensive to be more than marginally profitable!

I experienced this myself, as I ran weekly Facebook ads for live webinars related to social media education. At first my campaigns and ad sets were profitable, as I was securing targeted and qualified leads at less than $2!

One Monday morning everything completely changed.

My cost per registration for the weekly webinar skyrocketed to 3-4x the cost (yes, that’s $6-$8 per registration. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What caused this change? Could it be ad fatigue?

I tried setting up another set of ads – swapping out the creative, testing new copy, split-testing different audiences. One of my ad sets was costing me $17 per registration.

So what changed?

The market became crowded. Everyone and their mother (and their sister and their dentist) heard how successful Facebook ad campaigns could be, and jumped into running their own.

How does that affect the prices of Facebook advertising?

Well, Facebook advertising is done with an auction style of bidding. An increased number of potential advertisers means that there is more demand for the supply of Facebook ad space.

Not to mention – some of these businesses competing for ad space and attention of the audience (which is becoming increasingly limited) are spending BIG BUCKS on graphic design and compelling copy.

So what about the rest of us? What do we do?

There are a few options to prevent Facebook ad waste.

1. You can hire a Facebook ad strategist – who specializes in optimizing your campaigns, making minor tweaks day and night to produce the optimal ROI.

This option is a good one – but doesn’t come cheap. A truly skilled Facebook ad strategist is going to cost you a pretty penny… And for good reason! They are worth their weight in gold.

If you need a good recommendation for one of these elusive Facebook ad strategists, I’ve got a few!

2. Raise the cost of your products and services to pay for the increased cost of client/customer acquisition.

This works especially well for those with premium or high-ticket products and services.

3. You can revamp your entire strategy, starting with a proven method of lead generation.

There is one method that I have fallen in love with – and it is changing my entire business.

My mentor, Scott Oldford, has developed a method called SSF, which completely guts and rebuilds your entire methodology of how to use Facebook ads.

Scott created an incredible new way to use online marketing for those that don’t have massive amounts of time and money to invest and “hope” that it works. His entire concept is based on being super relevant to the humans that are your leads.

When it comes to landing pages, Facebook ads, email marketing, webinars… everything that makes up this online marketing thing… his method is amazing.

You see, Scott’s method is called the Sidewalk, Slow Lane, Fast Lane Method (or the SSF Method for short). And it works by very carefully targeting leads based on where they’re at in their journey. No more “one-size-fits-all” approach. What he’s done is nothing short of brilliant.

Don’t take my word for it – you can access Scott’s free video series and Q&As where he reveals how you can tap into this method.

Click here to get instant access to this content that will change the way you spend your marketing dollars – and prevent Facebook ad waste.

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