How To Get Clients For Social Media Managers

How To Get Clients For Social Media Managers

Getting your first clients as a social media manager can be challenging. But, it’s not impossible. In today’s video, I’m breaking down how you can get clients as a social media manager.

How To Get Clients For Social Media Managers


My secret weapon to get more clients is actually kind of surprising. It is all about using the power of LinkedIn. It’s time for you to grow your network by connecting with new people and building a brand new community.

It’s almost like going to a networking party. You’re at this networking party and suddenly you meet an entire new circle of people that you wouldn’t have previously been connected with. That’s exactly what it’s like on LinkedIn.

Action Step: Hop on over to LinkedIn and start making some new connections and building a brand new network.

Get Visible

To get more social media clients, you need to, sorry to say it, get visible. It’s time for you to have one mission in mind. Every person needs to know your name and your face.

And what better way to do it than social media?

It’s time for you to get active in Facebook groups actually delivering value, none of this pitchy, spammy stuff. It’s time to connect with people. Work on building meaningful relationships so that when people think about social media, and inevitably hiring it out, your name and face is the first one that pops into their mind.

Your Warm Market

My favorite way to find more clients for social media managers is to tap into your existing networks. If you already have clients that you enjoy working with, or even if you don’t enjoy working with them that much, let’s be real, it’s okay to ask them for referrals.

Ask them for their friends and family that they know have businesses that could benefit from the services that you offer.

Think about your existing communities, your friends, your family, the people in your neighborhood. Start to get vocal about the fact that you manage social media, and before you know it, leads come in all day, every day.

I still, to this day, swear by my warm networks as a leading source of leads for my business.

Wrapping It Up

But, I know what you might be thinking,  “How can I even get started as a social media manager?” I have a special webinar that you can access here. In the webinar, I’ll be sharing even more on how you can become a fully booked social media manager.

But, I warn you, this is only for the really brave, because it really works. So, go ahead and check out the link in the description below, and like this video if you enjoyed something that you learned in this one.

Tell me in the comments below which of the three methods you are going to implement. Be sure to follow me on my YouTube channel here.

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