Why Should you Market Online?


Let’s face it, the return on investment from traditional marketing is quickly waning. As evidenced by the increasing presence of former printed publications online (and the demise of those not converting quickly!) we can see that the internet is taking over the world of marketing.

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” –Bill Gates

While this can be overwhelming for many business owners, there are actually many benefits to marketing online that you may not yet realize!

  1. Cost Efficient – The number one reason to use the internet for your marketing efforts is the low cost of starting up marketing initiatives. While the advanced strategies take time to learn, the actual cost of setting up is next to nothing! Several free or cheap options for marketing include setting up your website, Facebook, and regular blogging.
  2. Even out the playing field – Quite possibly my favorite aspect of online marketing, is that small businesses actually stand a chance against top competitors! While your business may not have a multi-million dollar budget for online video creation, the desired results can be achieved with a DIY (do it yourself) feel.
  3. ROI more easily calculated – The world of ROI is much more easily calculated with the free online resources available. Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are two of my favorite resources for discovering who is interacting with your online postings. I will get more in depth about how to determine ROI in my podcast.

I could go on and on about all of the reasons why online marketing is so important to your business. The three points above should give you a look into my passion for all things internet.


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