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I can only imagine that if you stopped to check out this post, you are probably looking toward your future (or at least trying to be). You are focused on seeking something to get ahead and you want to see things happen in your life that more than likely, you’ve never seen before!

I’m sure at least one of you might say, “Tuh! How did she know all of that ?! She doesn’t even know me!”  Well, if you happen to be that person, I can assure you that I am not making this up, and here’s why. When you are READY to do something your mind is made up. When you begin to SET things, priorities, ideas, and projects in place you have decided that something has gotten your attention enough to make plans. Lastly, when you combine all of that together you are READY TO SET GOALS! 

Welcome to The Goal Getters Spot! This is a friendly space that is designed to encourage you to reach your goals but most importantly, I’m here to show you that any idea that you have no matter how big, small or random it appears, is VALID! There is a space for it and it deserves a spot on your list! Now albeit, it might not make the cut in the end, but it at least deserves a shot! 

So let me ask you a few questions so that we can create a narrative of success for you from the onset! 

  1. Do you have ideas that keep you up at night but you feel like someone else may be doing it so you don’t pursue it at all?
  2. Have you told someone your idea(s) and they shut you down and it discouraged you from moving forward?
  3. Are you totally fine with moving forward with your idea(s) but you think you need money, an opportunity, or a specific connection?

If any of these apply to you, keep reading. 

Unfortunately, when you are ready to set goals in your life, haters, well, I like to call them confused admirers, simply come with the territory. Also when you have never attempted something it can seem daunting and quite paralyzing. Yet, even with all of this, I find that the biggest lie that holds people back from igniting their goals is the idea that you need someone else or money to do it. Now let’s be honest, you do in fact need those things eventually, but you need to set the goal to begin immediately, and that my friend is free of charge.  

Now that we’ve gotten all the rigmarole out of the way and the negative self-fulfilling prophecies destroyed, let’s roll with some action steps followed by accountability tips so that you can see results quickly.  So now let’s get READY!

  1. Be ready for ACTION! This is the step that requires you to position yourself to move. If you are a procrastinator, this will be a big step for you, if not your biggest! It is the most important part because you literally have to be mentally in agreement with taking physical action in a timely manner. So here’s what you have to do:

a. Make up your mind.

b. Put it in writing. 

c. Detach from the idea of perfection and just START! 

  1. Set yourself up to WIN! This step requires you to take what you’ve written and cultivate it. I briefly mentioned this earlier, this is where you validate your ideas by giving them all a space to see if they make the cut. Here’s a PRO TIP: Some ideas are there to get you to something deeper. They are often a catalyst to get you to discover your secret sauce! So here’s what you have to do to see this start coming together: 

a. Comb through every seemingly random idea.

b. Remove what doesn’t resonate. 

c. Make two sections scariest/ most impossible ideas vs. easy ideas.

  1. Start digging for GOAL! Now that you’ve taken action and prepared yourself to win, you must get specific and methodical about what you’re truly desiring. This is when you must ponder what’s driving you. Truly powerful purpose-driven goals will usually have one, if not all of these elements; Honoring the greater good, service, fulfilling a need, joy, a passion that makes you come alive, and the desire to do it even if no one else is watching.  So here’s how to put everything in motion:

a. Zero in on the main thing.

b. Connect it to a purpose.

c. Commit to the goal, despite the ups and downs.

Now that you’ve gotten your calls to action in place, you need to be held accountable. Here are three things that you can do to hold yourself accountable in the process. First, set an alarm on your phone with a reminder to complete the goals you’ve set. Next, enlist your most responsible/helpful friend to hold you accountable with your goals and schedule check -in’s so that you can stay on top of it. Thirdly, record your thoughts. Record power statements to yourself to playback on the days you’re not motivated. You can do this absolutely free on your smartphone in the memo app. 

So there you have it! It’s all on you now and that’s a BEAUTIFUL thing! You are fully equipped to go after what you desire, excuse free. You have now given yourself the golden opportunity to succeed at your own pace and watch your goals manifest into your dreams. 

The wait is over!  Go get your goals girl!

PS. No one will ever be able to be you and that is what makes you EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Robin N. Kindrick, The Inspiration Specialist

Robin Nicole Kindrick aka The Inspiration Specialist, is an inspirational voice for this generation with one goal in mind, and that’s for everyone to live their authentic purpose.  Hailing from the “504”, she has reached thousands with her inspirational speeches, books, social media presence, and branding skills. She inspires through prayer, podcasting, writing, music, blogging, and fashion.

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