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"After getting comments from friends around her about the size of her ring, Rachel decided that she was going to write a post about it... and it went viral.
It received over 11 million views BEFORE it was picked up by the Today Show (and about every other main stream media network.)
She has since become one of the top social media consultants in the world." - Russell Brunson
“Rachel’s infectious spirit and energy helps encourage us all to dream big and keep going. She’s always providing so much value and is genuine in her pursuit of helping others achieve the success they are dreaming of.” - Shasta Mott
"Primarily, she’s transparent with her audience.

Rachel creates transparency with her audience by talking about how amazing one of her clients is and even mentioning that the client gives her more credit than she deserves.” - Neil Patel


“Rachel Pedersen has assembled an amazing team, produced top-tier training, and created one of the most knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging teams.” - Doug Johns
“Rachel is absolutely the encompassment of the 5-star review. She not only goes above and beyond, but she truly cares about what she is doing and the impact she is making in the world.” - Heidi Jensen
“Real person, real business strategy that WORKS. I signed up for her course and because of her training I have a new income stream and an exit strategy from the roofing business.” - Rick Lawson


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