How To Build A Sales Funnel

Do you wanna build a snowmannnn!!! No!? Me neither…

In fact, if I NEVER have to see Frozen again, I’d be ok with that. (I have 2 daughters – we’ve done Frozen TO DEATH!)

What do I like to build? Funnels. More specifically, funnels that convert.

I learned funnels fast and dirty.

I learned on the job and I learned quickly because I HAD to… but I’m here to share with you the three things that will set you up for success so you can learn fast and skip the dirty ????

To build out a funnel, there are a few different paths. S let’s dive in!!!

Either you are a PHENOMENAL web developer and you can create your own funnel using landing pages that are custom coded… Orrrrr you can use a convenient software – we’re talking Unbounce or Leadpages, or my absolute favorite ClickFunnels!!!

ClickFunnels makes it super easy to put together funnels and landing pages that finally convert. That’s why I LOVE ClickFunnels.

But one of the things that you have to remember, and this is quite possibly the most important tip as you build up your landing pages and funnel: it is FUNCTION OVER FORM.

Here’s the thing, beautiful funnels aren’t always what you think they’re going to be…

They won’t always convert as well as you would like.

In fact, I’m gonna tell you a story about superrrr ugly funnel that I have that converts EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, saw one of my funnels one day and he was absolutely perplexed.

I mean… I know my funnel was ugly, but he was like, “This converts!?”

And I said, “Yeah, it totally does.”

He said, “But to your warm audiences, right?”

I said, “Well, it converts with both warm and cold audiences.”

And he pushed again, “But you mean they’ve seen your videos…right?”

No, cold audiences convert on this funnel!!!

Even he was perplexed because well, it was a pretty hideous funnel.

The bottom line is that as you’re building out a funnel – it doesn’t have to be perfect, and sometimes the uglier or more functional they are, the better they perform.


This one’s huge. and I wish somebody had drilled it into my head earlier.

I think one of the biggest things that keeps a funnel from converting is that it never gets finished.

A lot of funnels sit there with no ability to be used, tested and tried. They’re not even given the opportunity to convert.

How do you know if your funnel converts if you haven’t finished it and put it out there for the public to use? So just FINISH THAT FUNNEL!!!

Then you can move onto split testing WHOOP WHOOP!

Split testing is NOT the same as a red button or green button…It’s not like that.

Split testing is the opportunity to try two things that are very different from each other and see what performs the best.

Let’s say I was gonna have somebody over to my house, and I was going to offer them a pear to eat or coffee to drink. This is pretty polarizing, right?

You either want coffee or you want a pear. You either need caffeine or you need some food. Very different.

Whereas if I were to say, “do you prefer this mug that is slightly more centered, or this mug that isn’t?” Naturally you’d say, “uhhh I don’t really care. It doesn’t matter as much…”

A slightly different coffee mug, or a different colored button aren’t going to drastically change your results.

As you are building out the split test on a funnel – I highly recommend almost scratching the first model completely, and starting all over, trying something totally different.

Always remember that comparison, the caffeine or the food…

That is going to help you with creating split tests that ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

To recap:

Number one – function over form.

Number two – done is better than perfect.

Number three – split testing needs to be drastically different from a to b.

Get it? Perfect. Want more? EVEN BETTER.

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